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Finding a recruiter who genuinely cares about your personal career or company is hard to find. It is easy to be seen as commission to so many recruiters in a very saturated market. I am very excited to use RecruiterRater to find the best recruiters out there for both my personal use throughout my career or for when I hire people into my team

Sarah Thomas, Human Resources Manager


I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been through a recruitment process at some point, and we all have stories to tell! It’s great that RecruiterRater is bringing more data to this subject which will help to raise standards throughout the candidate experience!

Cristina Antoniu, Human Resources Manager


I wouldn’t be able to do any of the more added-value things without the automation RR provides. It offered a great level of personalisation which meant we could design workflows suited to our unique processes.

Robert Rodriguez, Human Resources Manager

Meet the Founders

founder CEO
Pippa Evans, CEO

Pippa has been in HR for 25 years including 12 years as HRD before starting her HR Consultancy business. She has expertise across several industry sectors and is the go to professional when it comes to complex HR challenges

founder CFO
Steve Martin, CFO

A skilled advisor of HRDs, Boards, Executive Committees and REMCO’s with 20 years of experience, Steve is a top-level expert on reward strategy.

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