How to be resilient in your recruitment journey?










What is resilience?


“the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events” When stress, adversity or trauma strikes, you still experience anger, grief and pain, but you're able to keep functioning — both physically and psychologically.


There are always hard times and challenges that can appear in our daily lives. Not everything goes to plan, and events can take a sudden, and sometimes disappointing turn.


The crucial question is how you react when you are faced with difficult challenges.


If you respond proactively, put your best effort in, despite all the odds, then you are resilient.


If you shut down, give up, quit, then you are likely to face even more challenges along the way, as your options may become limited.


Being resilient doesn’t mean that you never feel stressed, worried or defeated. What it does mean is that you create space for these feelings, and for moving past them, so that you can move forwards even when things are really tough.




Why is resilience important?


Having resilience means that when we are faced with failure, disappointment and rejection, we can bounce back (or more positively bounce forwards), to see how we can learn and grow. It’s not magic, it doesn’t guarantee that we can rise above everything, and it doesn’t always mean we’ll be successful. But it does mean that we keep trying.


Being resilient is important as it helps us to be:






Why is having resilience important for the recruitment journey?








To be successful in our job search, we want to set ourselves up in the best way, so we are putting our best self forward, to be on our ‘A’ game, and for that to shine through.


Fortunately, resilience is a skill that can be developed and strengthened over time, and by doing this, and applying a resilient mind-set and attitude to our job search we can gain a multitude of benefits:








The key elements of resilience are:





Meaning &

Physical health






Mental health





interested &







Rest, recovery



& sleep



Let’s look at each of these elements:


Our economic situation can cause us stress and keep us awake at night! We might have bills, rent/ mortgages to pay and mouths to feed.


The worry only gets worse the more rejection we get. It feels easy to be resilient when you know you have enough money to get through each month. But there are things that you can do:


o  Dip into your savings






By reducing your immediate financial worry, will allow you to approach your job search with a clearer mind and more deliberate intentions.


A job search requires energy and effort, so taking care of yourself is essential to be able to maintain this effectively:





4 hours is enough time. This also ensures you have time to do other things that are equally as important.





The key thing is getting away from your computer and doing something that brings you joy, whatever that is!


Self-care is not about taking you away from the job search, or the interview prep, it’s about keeping you well, so you can land that perfect job.


Talk to your closest people, whether that’s your family or your friends



Give yourself permission!



These things will help you to decide what roles to apply for and when. Help you to focus and to tailor your CV and your experience when you are applying.


Our mental health is as important to us as our physical health; and we can underestimate how crucial it is.


So how do you manage it – it’s the link with all the other elements! The key thing is, that if you manage all of the other key elements, then you’re managing this one. If you make the tiniest of moves in just one of the segments then you will move forward, you will feel better, and this is perceptible!


If you were to do this your energy and your mental state will shift. You might not feel it straight away, keep going, it will come. And that’s what resilience is all about, keeping going and knowing that it will come.


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